Active Shooter Swatting Calls Cause Lockdown in Illinois Schools

Active Shooter Incidents Cause Lockdown in Illinois Schools

Active Shooter Incidents Cause Chaos in Illinois Schools

Several schools in Illinois have been thrown into chaos after reports of active shooter incidents. The calls, which are suspected to be swatting calls, have caused schools to go on lockdown, and helicopters and parent pickups have been dispatched to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

The incidents have been reported across the Chicago area to the St. Louis Metro East in Illinois. Law enforcement officials are taking these threats seriously and are working to identify the source of these calls. The situation is still developing, and we will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

Swatting Calls Spread Panic and Fear

In the meantime, parents and students are urged to stay calm and follow the instructions provided by school officials and law enforcement. It is important to remember that safety is the top priority, and these incidents are being taken very seriously.


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