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Amtrak Train Derailment near Los Angeles | 15 Injured

Amtrak Train Derailment near Los Angeles | 15 Injured

Amtrak Train Derailment near Los Angeles | Dramatic Rescue and Injuries Reported

A terrifying incident unfolded near Los Angeles when an Amtrak train, carrying nearly 200 passengers, derailed after colliding with a water truck on Tuesday afternoon. The chaotic scene depicted in television footage captured passengers disembarking the train, clutching their belongings, as they sought safety on a patch of land in Moorpark on Wednesday afternoon.

Official reports state that at least 15 individuals sustained injuries, with 14 of them fortunately suffering only minor harm. However, one person required immediate transportation to a trauma center, as informed by Ventura County Star. Amtrak revealed that a total of 198 riders and 13 crew members were successfully evacuated from the train following the collision.

Nearly 200 Passengers Evacuated, 15 Injured

Ventura County Fire Department Captain Brian McGrath provided details of the incident, explaining that three out of the train’s seven cars derailed upon impact with the water truck. Thankfully, none of the derailed cars overturned, averting further potential harm. Photos from the scene portrayed the devastating wreckage of the truck, while the driver was admitted to the hospital. However, the driver was observed communicating with first responders, according to the local sheriff’s department as reported by KNBC.

Initially, it was believed that the truck’s driver had fled before the crash, as stated by Captain McGrath. However, the circumstances leading up to the collision remained unclear and under investigation at the time. Many passengers managed to evacuate the train independently, while others received assistance from dedicated first responders during the rescue operation.


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