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Arrest After Splatter Ball Gun Incident at Protest in Eugene


Arrest After Splatter Ball Gun Incident at Protest in Eugene

Arrest Made After Splatter Ball Gun Fired at Eugene Protest

A tense situation unfolded during a pro-Palestinian rally in Eugene, as a man was arrested for discharging a splatter ball gun at demonstrators. The incident occurred in downtown Eugene, marking a challenging moment in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Pro-Palestinian Rally in Eugene

Around 200 people gathered on 8th Avenue for a peaceful march on a Saturday afternoon, holding signs with pro-Palestinian messages. The rally aimed to show solidarity with those affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict, a topic that has stirred emotions and protests worldwide.

As the protesters marched along Pearl Street, approaching 8th Avenue, the situation took an unexpected turn.

Confrontation Erupts: Arrest and Armed Standoff

A 51-year-old man, identified as Jonathan Wisbey, stopped his pickup truck, blocking the path of the crowd. An argument ensued, and verbal altercations unfolded between Wisbey and the rallygoers.

With tensions escalating, police officers, who were already monitoring the safety around the protest, swiftly responded to the scene. During the confrontation, some protesters reportedly slashed one of Wisbey’s truck tires.

In a distressing turn of events, Wisbey exited his vehicle and fired a splatter ball gun into the crowd. Splatter ball guns fire water gel beads, causing concern and confusion among the demonstrators.

In response, a couple of protestors, armed with handguns, drew their weapons, leading to a potentially dangerous armed standoff. Law enforcement officers acted promptly and effectively to confront and detain all armed individuals without further incident. Additional officers were called in to create a safe distance between protesters and the scene.

The incident underlined the volatile nature of protests and the challenges law enforcement faces in ensuring public safety during such events. The presence of firearms in such situations adds complexity and risk.

Law enforcement also expressed concern about other armed individuals within the crowd, including one person reportedly seen carrying an AK-47. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of peaceful and safe protest, even in the face of deeply divisive issues.


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Author: Dorris White

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