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Bordeaux Town Hall Set on Fire as Over a Million Take to the Streets

Bordeaux Town Hall Set on Fire

France Protests: Bordeaux Town Hall Set on Fire as Over a Million Take to the Streets

The recent protests in France have been sparked by the government’s decision to raise the retirement age by two years to 64. The people of France are not happy with this decision, and more than a million people took to the streets on Thursday to show their discontent. The protests turned violent in some areas, with the Bordeaux town hall being set on fire by protesters. The police were overwhelmed by the events, and hundreds of protesters set garbage bins and plastic bags on fire in the streets of Paris.

Retirement Age Raised by Two Years, Fuel Shortages Escalate, and Protests Continue

The protests have also led to fuel shortages across the country, with almost 1650 stations currently out of fuel. The protesters have been blocking key locations, making it difficult for fuel to be delivered to these stations. This has caused inconvenience for the people of France, who are feeling the impact of the protests.

Despite the police presence, the protesters continue to hold their ground and show the government who has the real power. It remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved, but for now, the people of France are determined to make their voices heard.

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