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CISF Officer Slaps Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh Airport

Incident at Chandigarh Airport

In a dramatic turn of events, Bollywood actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut was reportedly slapped by CISF officer Kulwinder Kaur at Chandigarh Airport. The incident occurred around 3:30 pm when Kangana was about to board a flight to Delhi.

Details of the Altercation

According to witnesses, Kulwinder Kaur approached Kangana and slapped her in a moment of anger. The officer was upset by Kangana’s controversial remarks on farmers’ protests, which she found deeply offensive. Airport security quickly intervened to manage the situation, but the news spread rapidly.

Kangana’s Controversial Remarks

Kangana Ranaut, is known for her bold and often contentious statements.  She made remarks about the farmers’ protests that many found derogatory. Her comments have incited significant backlash from farmers and their supporters, contributing to the charged atmosphere.

Profile of Kulwinder Kaur

Kulwinder Kaur, the CISF officer involved in the incident, is stationed at Chandigarh Airport. Reports suggest she was personally offended by Kangana’s remarks, which led to the altercation. The incident has put a spotlight on the emotional and social impact of Kangana’s statements.

Political Context and Reactions

Kangana Ranaut, who recently won a BJP seat in the 2024 Indian elections, continues to be a polarizing figure. This incident has amplified the ongoing tension surrounding her political and social stance. Reactions have been mixed, with some praising Kaur’s actions and others condemning the use of physical violence.

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