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Explosion in Johannesbur, South Africa | 9 Injured

Suspected Gas Explosion Causes Chaos in Johannesburg

A suspected underground gas explosion during Johannesburg’s evening rush hour caused chaos on Wednesday, ripping open roads and flipping more than 20 cars. At least nine people were injured in the blast, which authorities said was not life-threatening.

The explosion occurred on downtown Johannesburg’s busy Bree Street, causing extensive damage to an area covering five city blocks. Buildings were evacuated due to fears of a second explosion or collapse, and authorities warned that the damage was extensive.

While gas is suspected as the cause of the explosion, it is not clear if it came from a leak in the city’s underground pipes or from another, undetermined source. Johannesburg gas supplier Egoli Gas said it was unlikely that one of its pipelines was responsible.

Nine Injured, Buildings in Danger of Collapse After Gas Explosion in Johannesburg

The explosion happened as many people were gathering on the street to catch a minibus taxi home. Several minibuses and other cars were left on their sides or flipped over, with some lying on top of another vehicle. Eyewitnesses reported that people were already inside some of the minibuses when the explosion threw them into the air.

Emergency crews are currently searching through the mangled vehicles and nearby buildings for any additional injured people. Authorities are urging residents to avoid the area as they work to secure the scene and ensure the safety of those affected by this tragic incident.



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