False Active Shooter Alarm at Haywood Mall

False Alarm at Haywood Mall: No Active Shooter Confirmed by Law Enforcement"

False Alarm at Haywood Mall: No Active Shooter Confirmed

Tensions ran high at Haywood Mall in Greenville, South Carolina, as law enforcement agencies responded to reports of an active shooter on Saturday. The mall was placed on lockdown, prompting a swift and thorough investigation.

As shoppers attempted to flee the scene after allegedly hearing shots, multiple law enforcement officials arrived to conduct an active investigation into the situation.

Shoppers on Edge: Popping Balloons Sound Causes Panic

After evacuating shoppers from the mall, law enforcement agencies later confirmed that no shots were fired. The sounds that triggered the panic were identified as popping balloons sounds, leading to a false alarm.

Thankfully, the prompt response from law enforcement ensured the safety of shoppers and the community. The situation serves as a reminder to prioritize accurate information in emergency situations to avoid unnecessary panic.


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