Florida Man facing murder charges after attacking a man he found with his wife

Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Allegedly Assaulting Victim in Airbnb

John Dimmig, a resident of Lake Worth, Florida, is facing charges of attempted murder after allegedly attacking a man he discovered with his spouse in an Airbnb rental. The incident has resulted in a criminal investigation, and Dimmig has been taken into custody pending court proceedings.

Details of the Incident

Upon responding to a 911 call, deputies arrived at a Lake Worth Beach residence to find blood spatter in the living room. Following the trail of blood, they discovered the victim in the bedroom, heavily injured and applying pressure to his head with a towel. The victim, a technician visiting Florida for work, reported that he had been in bed with Dimmig’s wife when Dimmig forcibly entered the apartment and assaulted him with a bat. The victim expressed fear for his life during the attack.

Response and Arrest

Dimmig’s wife intervened and stopped the assault, allowing the victim to escape further harm. Dimmig fled the scene, but law enforcement later located him at his home, where he was found loading belongings into his vehicle. A subsequent search warrant revealed a black bat and bloodstained garments. Despite denying the assault, Dimmig was placed under arrest.

Court Proceedings

Dimmig is currently facing charges of attempted murder and is scheduled to appear in court on July 17. The court proceedings will provide an opportunity for further examination of the evidence and testimonies related to the case.


The incident in Lake Worth involving John Dimmig’s alleged assault on a man he found with his spouse in an Airbnb has resulted in serious charges of attempted murder. Law enforcement’s prompt response and subsequent investigation led to Dimmig’s arrest. The upcoming court proceedings will shed more light on the case and allow for the pursuit of justice for the victim.


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Author: Dorris White

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