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Heavily Armed Police Clash with Protestors in Central Johannesburg

Heavily Armed Police Clash with Protestors in Central Johannesburg

Skirmish in Central Johannesburg as Heavily Armed Police Clash with Protestors

Several protests erupted in Johannesburg yesterday, as the EFF called for a national shutdown. The situation quickly turned violent as heavily armed police clashed with protestors in the city’s central business district. The police were seen throwing what appeared to be a stun grenade at the protestors, sparking outrage and chaos in the area.

The protest was held to demonstrate against the government’s handling of various issues, including the high levels of crime and unemployment in the country. The EFF claims that the government has failed to address these issues, and they are demanding change.

The clash between the police and the protestors resulted in several injuries, including those caused by rubber bullets and tear gas. The situation is tense, and both sides have vowed to continue their protests until their demands are met.

EFF’s Call for a National Shutdown Sparks Chaos and Violence

The incident has sparked national outrage, and many are calling for an end to police brutality in the country. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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