Highly Contagious Measles Virus Detected at Dulles and Reagan Airports

Highly Contagious Measles Virus Detected at Dulles and Reagan Airports

A public health alert has been issued for travelers passing through Dulles and Reagan airports in Virginia, where exposure to a highly contagious measles virus is suspected. The virus is linked to an international traveler present at the airports on January 3rd.

Measles Scare Hits Virginia Airports: Exposure Warning for Dulles and Reagan Travelers

The measles virus is known for its high contagiousness, and in this case, it can linger in the air for up to 2 hours. Travelers who were at Dulles or Reagan airports on the specified date are urged to be vigilant and monitor for symptoms associated with measles.

The potential exposure has raised concerns, and health authorities are advising affected individuals to stay informed and seek medical attention if symptoms manifest. The fallout of this situation emphasizes the importance of vaccination and public health measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Contagious Virus Exposure at Dulles and Reagan Airports in Virginia

Stay updated on this developing health situation, and if you were present at Dulles or Reagan airports on January 3rd, be proactive in monitoring your health for potential measles symptoms in the coming week.


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Reporter: Mary M. Scott

Reporter: Mary M. Scott

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