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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Strike Mossad HQ in Kurdistan

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Strike Mossad HQ in Kurdistan

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have claimed responsibility for the recent series of explosions in Erbil, Iraq. According to reports, the attacks targeted what they describe as a ‘Mossad headquarters’ in response to the Israeli assassination of ‘resistance figures’.

Escalating Tensions in the Region

These events have further heightened tensions between Iran and Israel, as both nations engage in a dangerous game of retaliation. The Revolutionary Guards are determined to send a strong message to their adversaries and assert their dominance in the region.

Retaliation Strikes in Kurdistan

The explosions in Erbil serve as a reminder of the ongoing power struggle between Iran and Israel, with each side taking aggressive measures to undermine the other’s influence. The situation remains volatile, and it is crucial for regional stability that diplomatic efforts take precedence over military escalation.


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