Lisbon, Maine Shelter-in-Place Order: Mass Shooting Connection

Police in Lewiston, Maine are looking for this car in connection to the active shooter. Front bumper may be painted black.


A sense of urgency and vigilance has taken hold in Lisbon, Maine, as a shelter-in-place order has been issued. This order follows the sighting of a vehicle potentially associated with the mass shooting that occurred in nearby Lewiston. It is imperative to remain informed about this developing situation.

Emergency Order Issued: Lisbon on Alert

The safety and security of the community are paramount. The shelter-in-place order for Lisbon, Maine, is a response to the potential connection between a vehicle and the mass shooting that took place in Lewiston. The community is urged to stay indoors, take necessary precautions, and cooperate with local authorities.

Possible Link to Mass Shooting in Lewiston

The situation unfolds in the context of the recent mass shooting in Lewiston, which has sent shockwaves through the region. The sighting of a vehicle possibly connected to the Lewiston incident underscores the need for vigilance and rapid response to ensure public safety.

As developments continue, the community is encouraged to follow instructions provided by local law enforcement and authorities. The situation remains fluid, and it is essential to stay informed about updates as they become available.

Our thoughts are with the community during this tense time, and we hope for a swift resolution and the protection of all residents.


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