Loaded Handgun Found in Bridgeport Middle School Bathroom

Loaded Handgun Found in Bridgeport Middle School Bathroom

Loaded Handgun Found in Middle School Bathroom; 13-Year-Old Charged

A loaded handgun was found in the bathroom of Bridgeport’s Atkins Middle School, leading to the criminal charge of a 13-year-old boy for carrying a concealed weapon. Staff members suspected that the student had something illegal in his book bag, and he attempted to hide the gun in the bathroom when they tried to search it. The gun belonged to a family member, and it is not yet known how the boy got access to it.

While only middle school families were notified of the incident, school security expert Tom Mynsberge believes that the situation was handled appropriately and that people must take care to keep firearms out of the hands of children. Superintendent Mark Whelton expressed pride in the quick reaction of staff members.

Incident Details and Response

This incident comes after a gun was discovered in Bridgeport High School last September, which led to an 18-year-old being charged in the case. While the discovery of the gun in the middle school is a cause for concern, Mynsberge emphasizes that schools are still the safest place for students, and he believes that the district’s staff handled the situation well. It is not yet clear whether the family member who owned the gun will face legal trouble in this case.


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