Man Charged with Murder and Dismembering his 2 Girlfriends

Man Charged with Murders and Dismembering his 2 girlfriends

Man Charged with Murders Linked to Minnesota Storage Units

A shocking and disturbing case has unfolded in Minnesota as a man faces charges for the killing and dismemberment of his girlfriend. Further investigation has now revealed that the suspect, Joseph Jorgenson, is connected to another body discovered in a separate storage unit, according to St. Paul police.

The first victim, Fanta Xayavong, had been missing for two years until her remains were found in a storage unit connected to Jorgenson. The discovery of a second victim in another storage unit has left authorities astounded and horrified by the extent of these crimes.

Jorgenson had already been charged with the murder of Manijeh “Mani” Starren, a mother-of-three, found dead in her St. Paul apartment in April. The subsequent uncovering of Xayavong’s remains has intensified the investigation and raised chilling questions about the suspect’s alleged actions.

A Trail of Horror Unveiled: Two Victims Connected to Suspect

Police are working diligently to determine the cause of Xayavong’s death while grappling with the gravity of these rare and terrifying cases. Police Chief Axel Henry has emphasized the need to acknowledge the existence of true monsters in our midst.

Evidence, including video footage, has connected Jorgenson to Starren’s murder. Witnesses reported seeing Starren attempting to escape from her apartment while Jorgenson forcibly returned her inside. Disturbingly, Jorgenson did not report her missing and continued with his life as if nothing had happened.

The investigation further uncovered disturbing details about Starren’s experiences, with accounts of her fear of Jorgenson’s violence. Reports of physical abuse, including a rope around her neck, and neighbors witnessing visible injuries paint a chilling picture of the victim’s ordeal.

Investigators found significant evidence at both Jorgenson’s apartment and Starren’s residence, including blood stains and attempts to clean up the crime scene. Witnesses also noted a foul smell emanating from Jorgenson’s apartment, further deepening the horror surrounding these crimes.

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