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Man Rams Car and Stabs People Near Subway Station in Seongnam

Man Rams Car and Stabs People Near Subway Station in Seongnam

Stabbing Attack in Seongnam Leaves 13 Injured

At least 13 people were injured in a shocking attack in the city of Seongnam, South Korea. A man rammed a car on a sidewalk near a subway station and then began stabbing people.

Suspect Arrested at the Scene of Seohyeon Station Attack

Police were quick to respond and arrested a suspect at the scene. The suspect involved in the stabbing incident at Seohyeon Station shopping mall in Seongnam was caught on CCTV.

Details of the Attack

The suspect, wearing a black hoodie and a white hat, chased after people. The attack has left the community shaken and authorities are working to determine the motive behind the violence.

Community Response

The community has come together to support the victims and their families. Local officials have condemned the attack and are working to ensure the safety of their citizens.

Investigation Ongoing

The investigation into the attack is ongoing. Authorities are questioning the suspect and gathering evidence to determine what led to this tragic event.



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