Mass Casualty Incident in Mission Valley, California

Mass Casualty Incident in Mission Valley, California

A state of emergency grips Mission Valley, California, as a mass casualty incident is declared following a chemical spill. Numerous emergency services, including Hazmat teams, are on the scene, addressing the crisis with urgency.

Mass Casualty Incident Declared After Chemical Spill

Stay connected for real-time updates on the unfolding emergency, the response from Hazmat and other agencies, and the treatment of approximately 10 pediatric patients and 2 adults exposed to a chlorine release. The community is encouraged to follow official guidance and be vigilant as the situation develops.

Hazmat Teams Respond to Mass Casualty Incident in Mission Valley, California

The response to chemical spills requires precision and coordination, and the efforts of emergency services play a vital role in mitigating the impact on those affected. The community’s support and adherence to safety measures are crucial in ensuring a swift and effective response to this distressing incident.


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