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Multiple explosions heard in Ukraine capital Kyiv

Multiple Explosions Heard in Kyiv, Possible Drone Attack

Possible Drone Attack Causes Multiple Explosions in Kyiv

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was shaken by multiple explosions on Wednesday, according to eyewitnesses. The cause of the explosions is still unknown, but some reports suggest that it could be a drone attack. Eyewitnesses reported seeing drones flying over the center of Kyiv, and one of them was captured on video flying over a metro station where people were taking shelter. The drone was eventually shot down over a central shopping center.

The Ukrainian government has not yet issued an official statement regarding the incident. However, authorities are reportedly investigating the explosions and the use of drones in the area. The situation is still developing, and residents are advised to stay indoors and avoid the affected areas.

Eyewitnesses Report Drones Flying over Kyiv, One Shot Down Over Shopping Center

This incident highlights the growing concern over the use of drones as weapons and the need for better regulation and security measures to prevent such attacks. As more details emerge, we will continue to update this story.

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