Multiple People Stabbed in Manhattan, New York City

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Multiple People Stabbed in Manhattan, New York City

Multiple people have been injured in a stabbing that occurred this morning in New York City’s West Village. The attack took place near the famous Magnolia Bakery. A suspect has been arrested by the NYPD, but no other information has yet emerged. It is unclear at this time how many people were stabbed and what their conditions are.

Witness Eli Klein, 45, was walking down the street with his wife and baby daughter when he says he saw the attack. He describes hearing the suspect yell and scream before turning around and running away with his family. Klein, who has lived in New York his whole life, says that crime has become more of a problem recently than in years past.

The West Village is one of Manhattan’s most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods, and this incident has shaken the community.

Assault with Knife on W 11th St and Bleecker St

Authorities are on the scene and an investigation is underway to determine the details of the incident.


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