Multiple Shooting Incidents in Queens, Gunman at Large

Multiple Shooting Incidents in Queens

Multiple Shooting Incidents in Queens, Gunman at Large

A series of shooting incidents has unfolded in various locations across Queens, New York, leaving multiple victims injured and a community on edge. Reports indicate that the gunman remains at large, prompting heightened concerns for public safety.

One victim has been shot in the shoulder at the intersection of 134th St and Jamaica Ave. Another victim, in a life-threatening condition, was shot at 126th St and Hillside Ave. A third victim, also in critical condition, was shot at 108-12 Jamaica Ave. Among the victims is a 15-year-old, adding to the urgency of the situation.

Public Urged to Remain Vigilant as Authorities Respond to Shooting Spree

Law enforcement agencies are actively responding to the shooting incidents, swiftly mobilizing resources to apprehend the gunman and secure the affected areas. Public cooperation and vigilance are paramount, as community members are urged to report any suspicious activity to assist in the ongoing investigation.

Local hospitals have been alerted and are prepared to provide immediate medical attention to the wounded victims. Medical professionals are working tirelessly to stabilize the injured and save lives.

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