Oklahoma middle-schooler forced to reveal bra at school in front of other student

Oklahoma Mother Sues School District Over Middle School Strip Search

Oklahoma Mother Sues School District Over Middle School Strip Search

An Oklahoma mother, Kristal Trenkamp, has filed a lawsuit against the school district after her daughter, identified only by initials as a minor, was allegedly subjected to a strip search at Heartland Middle School.

According to the lawsuit, Trenkamp’s daughter was suspected of having a “nicotine vape” and was searched in a room with an “uncovered window that has a clear view” to general areas of the school. The lawsuit alleges that Principal Veronica Johnson, a school resource officer, and another student were also in the room during the search.

Johnson allegedly ordered the minor child to lift her shirt and spin, and then asked her about her undergarments. The child was then ordered to lift her shirt high enough so that Principal Johnson could view her bra. The search reportedly yielded no evidence of a vape pen.

The lawsuit alleges that the principal’s actions were outrageous and transcended “the bounds of all human decency,” and violated the student’s Fourth Amendment rights as well as laws on sexual assault and assault.

Principal Allegedly Ordered Student to Reveal Bra During Search

The lawsuit also cites an Oklahoma statute that prohibits strip searches of students, stating that no clothing “except cold weather outerwear shall be removed” during a warrantless search of a student. The lawsuit alleges that the search was unnecessary and harmful to the minor child.

Trenkamp is seeking a minimum of $25,000 in damages from the district for the alleged violations.

This incident is a disturbing reminder of the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of students. The school district and all its employees have a responsibility to provide a safe and respectful environment for all students, and any violations of these standards should be taken seriously and addressed promptly.



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