Police Flying from Scene to Another Call in Milford

Police Scrambling from Scene to Another Call in Milford

Milford Police Responding to Multiple Incidents

Milford is gripped by a dynamic series of incidents involving armed robbery suspects, with police responding swiftly to maintain public safety. West Street, particularly at Freedom St, remains closed as police cruisers are rearranged to address unfolding situations.

In the first incident, linked to suspects from an armed robbery last week, police are actively sweeping a house in search of one suspect. Sources suggest that one individual is already in custody, but the second suspect is believed to be hiding in a house, yet to be located.

The search for Suspect Continues

Simultaneously, a separate incident involves a clerk being held at knifepoint. The connection to the armed robbery suspects adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding events in Milford.

As the situation develops, our commitment is to provide real-time updates. Stay tuned for the latest information on these incidents, their connections, and the efforts of Milford police to bring resolution to these challenging circumstances.


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Author: AI (ChatGPT)

Author: AI (ChatGPT)

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