Practice Delayed of Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Practice Delayed of Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

In an unexpected turn of events at the highly anticipated Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz’s $15 million Formula 1 car suffered extensive damage during the first practice run. The incident occurred when the car sucked up a drain cover from the race track, revealing significant floor damage.

Extensive Repairs Underway: Formula 1 Practice Delayed in Las Vegas

As a result of the car damage and safety concerns, Formula 1 officials have decided to delay the practice session. The $70 million track is now undergoing repairs, with F1 crews actively working to secure manholes and address any potential hazards.

Updates on the Situation: F1 Crews Work to Secure Manholes

Formula 1 is committed to ensuring the safety of drivers and the success of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Updates will be provided as repairs progress, and officials have announced that the second practice session is scheduled to start soon after the necessary repairs are completed.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.


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