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President Erdogan Poisoned, in Critical Condition in Hospital

President Erdogan Poisoned, in Critical Condition in Hospital

President Erdogan Poisoned and in Critical Condition

The news of Turkish President Erdogan being poisoned and suffering a heart attack after meeting with a Russian official has shocked the world. The Turkish President has been hospitalized, and his family members were called to urgently come to the hospital. The incident has raised many questions about the relationship between Turkey and Russia, as well as Erdogan’s personal security.

Reports suggest that Erdogan’s sudden illness occurred during an interview with the Ülke TV channel. He became ill and fainted, and the interview was interrupted. The editor-in-chief of Ülke TV, Hassan Ozturk, tried to get up from his chair with the words “Advertising!” Erdogan’s condition was critical, and he is being closely monitored by doctors.

Unusual Movement in Moscow Raises Questions

Simultaneously, there was an unusual movement in Moscow, which raised suspicions about the poisoning incident. It is not clear whether the two events are related, but the timing is too coincidental to be ignored. The incident has also triggered a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Russia.

The Turkish government has demanded answers from Russia, and there is growing pressure on Moscow to provide an explanation for the incident. Social media is abuzz with speculations and theories about the incident, and the hashtag #ErdoganPoisoned is trending on Twitter.

In conclusion, the poisoning of President Erdogan and the unusual movement in Moscow has raised many questions about the security of world leaders and the diplomatic relationships between countries. It is a reminder that the world is a dangerous place, and leaders must take their security seriously.


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