Protesters Break Through Barricades at Parliament Building

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Protesters in Tbilisi Break Through Barricades at Georgian Parliament Building

Protesters in Tbilisi have broken through barricades and are trying to break into the Georgian parliament building. The incident has sparked chaos in the city, as police have responded with force to try and quell the unrest.

According to reports, the crowd stormed the gates of the Parliament of Georgia in Tbilisi, with some attempting to break into the building. Police have launched an assault on the parliament building to push back the protesters and restore order.

Police Respond with Force as Chaos Erupts in Georgia’s Capital

The situation in Tbilisi remains tense, as protesters continue to clash with police. The incident highlights the growing political unrest in Georgia, as tensions rise between the government and opposition groups.

As the situation develops, it remains unclear what the outcome will be. However, it is clear that the protesters are determined to make their voices heard, and that the government will not back down in its efforts to maintain control.


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