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Protesters March Against Macron’s Pension Reform in Marseille

Protesters March Against Macron's Pension Reform in Marseille

Protesters March Against Macron’s Pension Reform in Marseille

Thousands of people have marched in the French city of Marseille to protest against President Macron’s proposed pension reforms. The demonstrators gathered in the city center on Saturday, chanting slogans and carrying signs that expressed their opposition to the changes.

The proposed reforms would replace France’s 42 separate pension schemes with a single, points-based system. The government argues that this would be fairer and more sustainable, but critics say that it would force many workers to work longer before retiring and would reduce pension payments.

Thousands of Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Opposition to the Proposed Reforms

Protesters in Marseille joined a growing movement against the reforms, which have sparked a wave of strikes and demonstrations across France. Unions have called for more than 180 marches and rallies across the country on Saturday, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to take part.

The demonstrations come as negotiations between the government and unions have stalled. The government has indicated that it is willing to compromise on some aspects of the reform but has refused to abandon the proposal entirely. Meanwhile, unions have called for an indefinite strike starting on December 5.

The protests in Marseille were peaceful, with police reporting no major incidents. However, tensions remain high across the country, with many workers fearing that the proposed reforms will leave them worse off. The government has vowed to press ahead with the changes, but it remains to be seen whether it can overcome the growing opposition to the reforms.


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