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Protests Erupt in Israel

Protests Erupt in Israel as Bill Limiting Supreme Court's Power Gains Initial Approval

Protests Grip Israel as Bill Limiting Supreme Court’s Authority Sparks Outrage

Israel witnessed large-scale protests and road blockades on Tuesday following the initial approval of a Bill aimed at curbing the Supreme Court’s power. The proposed legislation, supported by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-right ruling coalition, has ignited public outcry and sparked concerns about Israel’s democratic principles.

Videos and images circulated on social media showing crowds of flag-waving protesters disrupting morning traffic, blocking major highways, and causing disruptions in central Israel, Tel Aviv, and near the entrance to Jerusalem. Some protesters resorted to lying on the roads, while others used flares to draw attention to their cause.

Police responded to the protests by arresting 24 individuals and using a water cannon to disperse some demonstrators. The unrest also prompted plans for further nationwide protests, including at the main international Ben Gurion airport.

Controversial Bill Triggers Mass Demonstrations and Road Blockades Across Israel

The push by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s nationalist-religious coalition to alter the justice system has triggered unprecedented demonstrations, raised concerns among Western allies about Israel’s democratic health, and affected the country’s economy. The Bill, winning its first of three required votes, seeks to limit the Supreme Court’s authority to overturn government decisions deemed unreasonable.

Critics argue that the current judicial oversight helps safeguard against corruption and abuses of power, while proponents contend that reducing court intervention would enhance effective governance. The debate over the government’s judicial campaign has deeply divided Israeli society.

The collapse of compromise talks between Netanyahu’s coalition and the opposition in June reignited the legislative efforts, despite international calls for broad agreements on justice reforms to preserve the independence of Israel’s courts. Netanyahu has downplayed the economic consequences of the campaign, which has unnerved investors and weakened the shekel.

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