Reports of Active Shooter at Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs

Reports of Active Shooter at Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs

Joint Base Andrews on High Alert Following Reports of Active Shooter

Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs, Maryland is currently on high alert following reports of an active shooter on the premises. The base is home to the presidential aircraft Air Force One, and as such, security is always of the utmost importance.

The base has released a statement urging all personnel to shelter in place and remain indoors until further notice. Emergency responders are on the scene and working to secure the area and ensure the safety of those on base.

Details on the incident are still emerging, and it is not yet clear whether any injuries or fatalities have occurred. However, the base has emphasized that the safety and security of all personnel on base is their top priority.

Details Emerge on Active Shooter Incident in Camp Springs, Maryland

We commend the swift and decisive action of the base’s security and emergency response teams in responding to this dangerous situation. Our thoughts are with the personnel at Joint Base Andrews and their families, and we stand ready to offer any support and assistance needed during this challenging time.


LATEST: USAF flight TITUS07 is now circling the airfield at Joint Base Andrews.

LATEST: REPORTS OF AN ACTIVE SHOOTER at Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County: a man has been walking around the military base in Maryland with an AR-15 firing shot.

LATEST: Maryland State Police N387MD as TROOPER2 is still on station over JB Andrews. There have been no further status updates posted to any of @Andrews_JBA social media accounts.

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Reports of Active Shooter at Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs



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