Riot at Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York

Riot at Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York

Riot Breaks Out at Union Square Park in Manhattan

Right now, a huge riot is currently happening at Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York. Hundreds of young teens and adults have gathered after a Twitch live streamer Influencer named Kai Canat announced a giveaway.

Twitch Live Streamer Influencer Kai Canat’s Giveaway Causes Chaos

Many people are reportedly injured, and there are reports of crowds attacking NYPD officers and causing damage to vehicles and property. Authorities are urging everyone to stay away from the area.

The situation is still developing, and it is unclear what the outcome will be. It is important for everyone to stay safe and avoid the area until the situation is resolved.


BREAING: Gaming streamer Kai Cenat arrested following riot at NYC’s Union Square Park.

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