Section 34 Dispersal Order in Ashford Town Centre | CAD 15-0983

Section 34 Dispersal Order in Ashford Town Centre

Section 34 Dispersal Order in Ashford Town Centre

Following numerous incidents of Anti-social behaviour in Ashford Town Centre, a Section 34 dispersal order has been put in place for the areas defined by the map below. This order is designed to protect the public from further incidents and will be in effect from 17:41 today for the next 24 hours.

If you’re not familiar with a Section 34 dispersal order, it’s a power used by the police to disperse groups of two or more people who they believe are causing or likely to cause anti-social behaviour. It’s one of many powers the police can use to keep communities safe and ensure that people can go about their business without fear of harassment or intimidation.

What is a Section 34 Dispersal Order?

If you’re in Ashford Town Centre during this time, it’s important that you comply with the order and leave the designated areas if asked to do so by the police. Remember, the order is in place to protect you and other members of the public. If you witness any incidents of anti-social behaviour, please report them to CAD 15-0983 so that the police can take appropriate action.

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