Shooting in Braddock | 1 Person Injured

Shooting in Braddock | 1 Person Injured

Shooting in Braddock, One Person Taken to HospitalĀ 

An investigation involving multiple police agencies is underway following an apparent shooting in Braddock. The incident happened around 1 a.m. on Sixth Street, and police have been on the scene for roughly 6 hours.

According to Allegheny County 911 dispatchers, one person was taken to the hospital following the shooting. At this time, it is unclear what led to the incident or the condition of the person taken to the hospital.

Multiple Police Agencies Investigating Shooting in Braddock

The State Police are handling the investigation, and more information is expected to become available as the situation unfolds. For now, all eyes are on Braddock as authorities work to determine what happened and ensure the safety of local residents.



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