Shooting in Shreveport | Multiple People Injured

Shooting in Shreveport | Multiple People Injured

Shooting Incident in Shreveport: Multiple People Injured, Suspect Barricaded in Burning House

A shooting incident in Shreveport, Louisiana has unfolded in the Southern Hills Neighborhood on Crooked Creek Drive. The Shreveport Police Department responded to the scene after receiving reports of multiple people being shot and a suspect barricaded inside a house.

According to Sgt. Angie Willhite, SPD Public Information Officer, the incident began around 7 am. The situation escalated when a 13-year-old female was transported to a local Shreveport Hospital with gunshot wounds to her abdomen and leg. Meanwhile, the suspect remains inside the house, which has been confirmed to be engulfed in flames.

Shreveport Fire Department has been dispatched to the scene due to the fire, further complicating the ongoing situation. The extent of the fire’s impact and its connection to the suspect’s actions are still under investigation.

Unfolding Situation in the Southern Hills Neighborhood

As of the latest update, two victims have been confirmed, including the 13-year-old girl and a male, both with non-life-threatening injuries. However, it remains uncertain whether the suspect has sustained any injuries during the incident. The suspect is actively resisting law enforcement, firing upon officers and preventing their entry into the premises.

The scene is still considered active, with a significant presence of 32 police units and 28 fire units working to control the situation and ensure the safety of all involved. Law enforcement and fire department officials are coordinating efforts to apprehend the suspect and contain the fire.

Residents in the surrounding area are advised to remain vigilant and follow the instructions of law enforcement personnel. The ongoing incident underscores the unpredictable nature of such situations and the importance of swift and coordinated emergency response.

Further updates on the situation will be provided as more information becomes available. The priority remains the safety and well-being of all individuals involved, and the community’s cooperation is crucial in resolving the incident swiftly and peacefully.

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