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Stabbings at University of Waterloo | 3 Injured, 1 in Custody

Stabbings at University of Waterloo | 3 Injured, 1 in Custody

Stabbings Inside University of Waterloo: Latest Update

On Wednesday afternoon, a distressing incident unfolded inside Hagey Hall at the University of Waterloo in southern Ontario. According to the regional police service, three individuals were stabbed, and their injuries required transportation to a nearby hospital. Const. Brad Hickey of the Waterloo Regional Police Service communicated this information via email to CBC News.

The extent of the victims’ injuries remains unknown at this time. However, swift action was taken, resulting in one individual being apprehended and taken into police custody. As a precautionary measure, there will be an increased police presence on the campus as officers diligently clear buildings and ensure public safety.

Three People Injured, One in Custody

Authorities have yet to disclose the identities of the injured individuals, leaving the community anxious for updates. The University of Waterloo, through a series of tweets, expressed its full support for the ongoing police investigation. Reassuring the campus community, they stated that there is no further risk present on the premises.

Urgent messages were issued by the university, specifically targeting those currently located in Hagey Hall. The school requested immediate evacuation, advising individuals to leave all doors open. By following these instructions, everyone can contribute to a safer environment.


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