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Temporary Twitter Rate Limits Increased

Temporary Twitter Rate Limits Increased for Verified and Unverified Accounts

Twitter has recently made adjustments to the temporary rate limits, providing users with increased tweet allowances. Verified accounts now have a limit of 10,000 tweets per day, allowing for more active engagement and content sharing. Unverified accounts have a limit of 1000 tweets, while new unverified accounts can tweet up to 500 times.

These temporary rate limit increases come in response to the implementation of daily tweet limits, which aim to prevent system manipulation on the platform. Twitter acknowledges the importance of striking a balance between user engagement and maintaining a secure and reliable user experience.

Adjusted Rate Limits for Different Account Categories

The adjustment in rate limits provides verified accounts with greater flexibility in their tweeting activities, enabling them to share more content with their followers. Unverified accounts also benefit from an increased limit, allowing for increased participation in conversations and interactions on Twitter. New unverified accounts have a moderate limit to ensure a gradual and controlled engagement on the platform.

Twitter’s temporary rate limit increase reflects the platform’s commitment to addressing user needs while maintaining a secure and reliable environment. By continuously adapting and refining its policies, Twitter aims to foster a positive and meaningful user experience for all users.


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