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Twitter to Remove Legacy Verified Blue Checks

Twitter to Remove Legacy Verified Blue Checks

Twitter to Remove Legacy Verified Blue Checks

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has announced that the platform will be removing any legacy verified blue checks due to the corruption of the previous system. This decision comes after a thorough investigation into the verification process, which revealed that it had been exploited by certain individuals and organizations for personal gain.

The blue checkmark, previously a symbol of verification and authenticity, will now be removed from all accounts that were verified under the previous system. This includes accounts that are no longer active or have not been active for a long time.

Elon Musk Confirms Previous System Corruption

Twitter users who have been impacted by this decision will be notified via email and given an opportunity to appeal the decision. However, they will have to go through the new verification process that Twitter has put in place to ensure that the verified blue check is only given to accounts that meet the new criteria.

In conclusion, Twitter’s decision to remove legacy verified blue checks is a necessary step in ensuring the integrity of the verification process. While some users may be affected by this decision, it is important to remember that the blue checkmark is only meaningful if it is associated with accounts that have been verified under a fair and transparent system.


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