US Senate Building Evacuated After Reports of Possible Active Shooter

UPDATES: False Alarm: No Active Shooter on Capitol Hill, DC Police Confirm

Reports of an active shooter on Capitol Hill have been addressed by DC police, who confirm that there is no active shooter threat. The situation has been identified as a false alarm, and law enforcement authorities are working diligently to clarify the situation.

US Senate Building Evacuated After Reports of Possible Active Shooter

The US Senate building is being evacuated after reports of a possible active shooter near the Senate Office Buildings. US Capitol Police officers are currently searching in and around the buildings in response to a concerning 911 call.

The situation is tense as authorities work to secure the area and provide assistance to those affected. The nature of the 911 call has not been disclosed, but authorities are taking the situation seriously and working to ensure the safety of all those in the area.

US Capitol Police Officers Search In and Around Senate Office Buildings

As the situation develops, it is important for individuals to stay informed and follow any safety instructions issued by authorities. Our thoughts are with those affected by this concerning situation.

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