Violent Clashes Erupt Near Netanyahu’s Residence in Jerusalem

Violent Clashes Erupt Near Netanyahu's Residence in Jerusalem

Violent Clashes Erupt Near Netanyahu’s Residence in Jerusalem

Violent clashes erupted near Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem on Sunday, as police and demonstrators clashed in the streets. The unrest has highlighted the growing political tensions in the country.

The protests were sparked by Netanyahu’s corruption trial, which resumed on Sunday after a brief hiatus. Demonstrators are calling for the Prime Minister to resign, citing his alleged corruption and mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police used water cannons, stun grenades, and other crowd control measures to disperse the crowds, resulting in violent clashes. Dozens of people were injured, including police officers and demonstrators.

Political Tensions Rise as Demonstrators Clash with Police

The situation remains volatile, and it is crucial to stay informed about the latest developments. The clashes have the potential to impact the political climate of Israel and further escalate tensions between different groups in the country.

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