Wrestling Federation Of India’s Membership Suspended

Wrestling Federation Of India’s Membership Suspended by World Federation

Wrestling Federation Of India’s Membership Suspended by World Federation

The Wrestling Federation Of India has recently faced a setback as their membership has been suspended by the World federation. The suspension comes as a result of the Indian federation’s failure to conduct elections.

The World federation is responsible for overseeing the governance and administration of wrestling organizations around the world. As part of their mandate, they require member organizations to conduct regular elections to ensure transparency and accountability.

Failure to Conduct Elections Leads to Suspension

The Wrestling Federation Of India’s failure to conduct elections has led to their suspension from the World federation. This suspension is likely to have an impact on the Indian wrestling community and may affect their ability to participate in international events.

It is unclear at this time what steps the Wrestling Federation Of India will take to address this issue and regain their membership in the World federation. As more information becomes available about this developing situation, we will continue to provide updates on this story.


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